About the Game

Aura Tactics is an independent tactical RPG for mobile & web featuring a-synchronous multiplayer.


While Aura Tactics is still in the proof of concept phase, we have successfully implemented all of the core mechanics expected from an excellent tactical RPG, including our unique class swapping mechanic.


Aura Tactics takes a non-traditional approach to the time tested class mechanic. Where most TRPGs link classes and characters at the hip, requiring a player to level up a class on each character they wish to use the class on, Aura Tactics abstracts classes out into unique items, allowing players to swap classes between characters at will, even during combat.

About Us

You can get in touch with the team on twitter by tweeting directly at us, or tweeting @AuraTactics our official twitter!


Douglas Miller // Designer ( @designerdougm )
I’ve always been passionate about making games and creating fantastic worlds for players to enjoy. I’m dedicated to making Aura a compelling experience that you want to keep coming back to again and again.


John Evans // Programmer (@hiddenspring81)
I’ve always been an avid gamer, since I was kid playing my Atari 2600. When I’m not making kick-ass games, I’m indulging in my other hobbies; eating meat, lifting heavy things, and black-coffee.


Bryce Coster // Artist
I make awesome stuff look more awesome.  My passion for aesthetics and motion drive me to create charming characters, fluid animations, and visually badass spell effects.  No matter what, Aura Tactics is going to look sexy.


Daniel Rossi // Programmer
I’m the go to guy for broken things, if something in the project is broken, you can bet I had something to do with it! When I’m not busy breaking things, I play music and work on networking for the game.


Chris Comtois // Designer
Everyone knows that the best games are the simple to grasp and difficult to master. I’m here to make Aura a new experience every time you play it. How will you defeat your friends this time around?